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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ibu Jerung Mati 3 Anaknya diselamatkan

Walaupun ibu jerung sudah mati, 3 anaknya berjaya diselamatkan. Seorang pengunjung membelah perut jerung dan menyelamatkan anak jerung tersebut.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Jual Senjata Saddam Hussein

Mahkamah Amerika hari ini menghukum seorang lelaki berusia 76 tahun kerana mencuri dan menjual senjata curi milik keluarga Saddam Hussein. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Menteri Baru Indo Cari Isu Dengan Malaysia

JAKARTA - "Ini maling tapi berani terang-terangan. Gendeng". Begitu kata Menteri Kelautan dan Perikanan, Susi Pudjiastuti, mengkritik Malaysia soal pencurian ikan di laut.

Pernyataan tegas Susi tersebut terlontar saat ia mengecek kondisi Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) milik KKP di Kantor Pusat Informasi Pelabuhan Perikanan, Rabu (29/10/2014), bersama para pejabat eselon satu di kementeriannya.

Ia bercerita, suatu saat di Swiss, pernah mendapati kemasan ikan jenis Black Tiger bertuliskan product of Malaysia. Ia mengaku kaget ketika dalam itu, sang produsen mencantumkan kalimat caught in Zone 57.

"Kalau bapak ke supermarket mahal di Swiss, ditulis seperti itu, Pak. Saya ada fotonya. Nanti saya tunjukan," tuturnya meyakinkan para bawahannya.

Susi kemudian menerangkan alasannya naik pitam. Zone 57 merupakan perairan yang berada di kawasan Samudera Hindia. Ia sangat yakin, Malaysia tak memiliki pulau di wilayah itu. "Kalaupun ada itu pasti pulau jadi-jadian," tegas Susi.
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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kesan Bisa Ular Sampai Kaki Jadi Camnih

Seorang gadis 13 tahun dari Venezuela dipatuk ular berbisa sehingga kakinya dah jadi macam tunggul kayu mati. Silapnya keluarganya membiarkan waktu beberapa lama sebelum memutuskan berjumpa doktor. Sebelumnya gadis ini dibawa ke bomoh untuk rawatan tradisional.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cara Terbaik Menghilangkan Parut

1. Minyak Lavender

  • Sapukan pada parut untuk mengurangkan kesannya. Ia mengambil sedikit masa untuk hilangkan parut.

2. Minyak Flaxseed

  • Ianya boleh didapati di kebanyakan pusat kesihatan. Sapukan minyak pada parut beberapa kali sehari, termasuk selepas mandi dan sebelum tidur.

3. Minyak Ekstrak Biji Anggur, Minyak Jojoba dan Minyak Badam

  • Campuran kesemua minyak ini boleh menjadi ubat yang berkesan untuk menghilangkan parut.

4. Vitamin K

  • Sapukan krim pada parut. Lakukan sebanyak dua kali sehari, dalam masa beberapa minggu, parut anda akan berkurangan bergantung kepada tahap keseriusan parut dan jenis kulit anda.

5. Minyak Zaitun

  • Sapukan pada parut sekurang-kurangnya duakali sehari. Dalam masa seminggu, anda akan melihat perubahan pada kesan parut yang semakin berkurangan.

6. Madu Organic Mentah (seperti Madu Manuka)

  • Sapukan pada parut dua kali sehari. Bahan anti-bakteria dalam madu boleh menyembuhkan luka dan membantu pertumbuhan sel kulit. Jika digunakan dengan kerap, ia mampu menghilangkan parut.
  • p/s: Kulit yang berminyak tidak disyorkan menggunakan madu.

7. Vitamin E

  • Gunakan minyak daripada kapsul gel dan sapukan pada parut.

*Perhatian : Parut mengambil masa beberapa bulan untuk hilang, tapi dengan usaha yang gigih dan berterusan anda akan melihat perubahan yang positif pada hasilnya nanti.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Nak Masuk Kene Minum Air Kencing Lembu

'No Entry to Muslims in Garba Celebrations', Says BJP Legislator in Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal | A lawmaker of the ruling BJP in Madhya Pradesh says she wants Muslims barred from the "Garba" or a Gujarati dance festival to be held in several northern states in October.

Usha Thakur, a legislator from Indore and the BJP's state vice president, is preparing to write to Garba organisers in her constituency, asking them to stop Muslim men from entering the dance venues and seducing women.

The decision, she claims, is based on a meeting of "intellectuals" - including doctors, engineers and a senior police officer - during the festival season last year.

"We have got data that during the Garba, on an average, four lakh girls convert to Islam every year. So we have started this awareness drive. It has been seen that people who have no faith or devotion to the festival put tilak and wear sacred thread and practice Garba and during that time woo our girls," Ms Thakur told NDTV.

She says to stop this alleged "Love Jihad", festival organisers must check IDs at the gates.

The BJP has distanced itself from Ms Thakur's controversial move, which has been condemned by the opposition Congress.

State home minister Babulal Gaur refused to comment. "No, I will not react. Usha Thakur will know about this, not me," Mr Gaur told NDTV.

Congress leader Satyadev Katere said, "The idea is absurd. You cannot force things on society like this."

Ahead of by-polls on Saturday in key states including Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat, pro-Hindu groups linked to the BJP's ideological mentor Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh have stepped up their campaign against "Love Jihad" - a term for what they consider an Islamist strategy to convert Hindu women.

The BJP avoided the term "Love Jihad" last month when it adopted the subject of forced conversions as a campaign issue for the by-elections. But some of the party's leaders and its affiliates have been less circumspect.
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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Harimau Putih Membaham Remaja di Zoo Delhi

White Tiger Mauls, Kills Youth In Delhi Zoo

New Delhi, September 23 | In a hair-raising incident, witnessed by scores and captured live on many cameras, a 200-kg white tiger mauled and killed a youth after he fell into the animal's moat in the Delhi Zoo, eyewitnesses and officials said Tuesday.

The incident, which took place between 12.30 p.m. and 1 p.m., created a sensation and word soon spread through the city, with photos and video of the tiger - one of the zoo's star attractions - dragging the youth going viral.

Eyewitnesses and zoo officials said the young man, identified as Maksood, 20, a resident of Anand Parbat in Delhi, had "crossed the stand-off barrier" of the white tiger's enclosure and then fell or jumped into the moat which separated the enclosure from the visitors' gallery.

The majestic six-foot, seven-year-old tiger, named Vijay, which was some distance away, saw the man in the concrete moat, that was covered with dry leaves, and bounded up to him.

Footage showed the tiger glowering face-to-face at the man, as it initially appeared to be surprised on seeing the sudden human intrusion into its habitat.

"As soon as the youth fell into the moat, the tiger approached him and silently watched him for nearly 15 minutes," Bittoo, an eyewitness, who recorded the entire incident on his mobile, told media persons.

He said what possibly provoked the tiger to attack the man was when onlookers and a guard tried to divert its attention by pelting stones at it.

"Everyone was pelting stones and making noises to divert the tiger's attention," Bittoo added. "It was then that the tiger pounced on the youth with his paw and dragged him inside his enclosure by his neck," Bittoo told IANS.

The tiger then dropped the limp body at the far end of the enclosure.

Another eyewitness Himanshu said: "The man was cowering in fear and appeared to be pleading with folded hands to the tiger to spare him."

Some eyewitnesses said it was not clear whether the man was drunk or he was clicking photos of the tiger when he accidently fell from the cemented fencing. Delhi Police official said post mortem report will reveal whether the man was drunk and fell accidently or jumped knowingly.

The victim's father Mehfooz later told police that his son had long "history of mental illness."

"He had a long history of mental illness but was fine now and was working in a factory. He used to take cannabis," Mehfooz said, adding that Maksood was his youngest son.

A statement by Amitabh Agnihotri, the zoo director, said: "An unfortunate incident occurred in the National Zoological Park around 1 p.m. when a male visitor named Maksood, son of Mehfooz, resident of Gali no 11, Anand Parvat, aged 20 years crossed the stand off barrier of the white tiger's enclosure....and jumped into the enclosure.

"Praveen, guard posted at the enclosure, sounded the alarm and collected his supervisor and other staff of the zoo by sending wireless SOS message. Praveen along with other staff of the zoo tried to divert the attention of the tiger from the visitor but to no avail. The tiger mauled the visitor who died on the spot."

National Zoological Park curator R.A. Khan told IANS that the tiger was later locked up. "The tiger will be kept under observation and medically examined," Khan said.

The space where the white tiger stays comprises of a moat, a natural space for the animal to roam around and a concrete enclosure. There are in all ten tigers in Delhi Zoo, six of them white and four Royal Bengal.

"All the enclosures of the National Zoological Park are absolutely safe. No visitor can reach the moat wall of the enclosure without the stand off barrier," the zoo statement said.

The National Zoological Park, located in the centre of the capital and one of the oldest in the country, is spread over 176 acres is home to about 1,556 different birds and animals. Delhi Zoo sees footfalls of 5,000 to 6,000 on weekdays and 12,000 to 13,000 on weekends.

Suparna Ganguly, founder trustee of Bangalore-based Compassion Unlimited Plus Action, an NGO for animal rehabilitation, said the tiger was not at fault.

"We get to see a lot of hooliganism among zoo visitors. People misbehave, disturb and harass the animals who have already been deprived of their natural habitat."

But many thought that since there was a considerable gap between the man falling into the tiger enclosure and the animal attacking him, zoo authorities could have reacted with greater alacrity and could have been better equipped to handle this emergency.

This was not the first such instance in Delhi Zoo. Six years ago a drunk man had fallen into the enclosure of a lion but the lioness had spared him.

Earlier too many such cases have been reported from Indian zoos, including one in July 2012 when a 32-year-old man was mauled and seriously injured by a tiger after he sneaked into its enclosure at the Jharkhand zoo.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Makanan Terbaik untuk Kuatkan Tulang

1. Sayur-sayuran: kubis, sawi, daun roket (arugula), daun parsli (parsley), selada air (watercress), bok choy, brokoli, lobak.

Mengandungi kalsium, magnesium, potassium, iron dan mineral lain yang membantu menguatkan tulang.

2. Makanan protein: kacang, makanan soya.

Melindungi dari keretakan tulang.

3. Memasak stok

Ia merupakan cara tradisional untuk menggandakan nutrisi dalam makanan yang dibuat dalam bentuk cecair seperti sup, stew, bijirin, kekacang dan sos.

Jika memasak tulang-temulang dan sayur-sayuran dalam masa ia lama dengan menggunakan api yang perlahan, ia akan menghasilkan mineral yang mempunyai nutrisi stok yang tinggi.

4. Gandum: beras perang, barli, oat, tepung jagung.

Ia mengandungi karbohidrat, fiber dan Vitamin B.

5. Tulang yang boleh dimakan.

Tulang adalah antara mineral yang sesuai untuk dimakan bagi penjagaan tulang yang baik.

6. Lemak

Lemak yang berkualiti baik penting untuk kesihatan tulang. Lemak berlebihan tidak baik untuk badan, tetapi terlalu kurang lemak menyebabkan badan tidak seimbang.

Pengambilan lemak yang bersesuaian dalam makanan adalah perlu bagi memastikan badan yang sihat dan seimbang.

Sumber: Health Digest
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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

[Video] Bayi Menjadi Menu Lauk Tengahari

Video ini telah menjadi viral di negara arab. Seorang ayah buat lawak dengan meletak anaknya dalam periuk bersama sayur-sayuran telah mengundang kemarahan pengguna media sosial.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sekarang Siapa Ejen BN?

Menteri Pelancongan dan Kebudayaan, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz memuji sikap Ahli Parlimen PAS Sepang Mohamed Hanipa Maidin yang menurutnya, sering membangkitkan isu penumpuan industri pelancongan di Sepang.

Selain Hanipa, beliau turut mengucapkan terima kasih kepada Ahli Parlimen Seputeh Teresa Kok yang juga aktif membangkitkan hal itu di Dewan Rakyat. – Laporan Harakahdaily

Wah itu sudah bagus. Tapi kalau ikuy persepsi yang diajar oleh pemuka PKR, Saifudion Nasution dia kutip kata-kata Almarhum Ustaz Fadhil Nor, “Kalau musuh sokong kita ada yang tak kena”. Atau pendek cerita, Hanipa dan Terese sudah dibeli oleh BN?

Itulah persepsi yang cuba ditanam oleh PKR. Hanya bila bermusuh dengan mereka. Tapi bila ada untung, PKR kata halal.
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Don Pardo Dead At 96

Don Pardo, Legendary 'Saturday Night Live' Announcer, Dead At 96

Don Pardo, the legendary radio and TV personality, and the man who introduced the cast of “Saturday Night Live” every weekend since the show began, died Monday, NBC officials confirmed. He was 96.

Pardo died Monday evening, according to NBC spokesman Rich Licata. The cause was not given, but Pardo reportedly broke a hip last year.

Pardo was a part of “SNL” for every single season except one since it premiered in 1975, according to In addition to the comedy show's opening montage, Pardo occasionally lent his unmistakable booming vocals to sketches.

Since his official retirement from NBC in 2004, Pardo would often pre-record the "SNL" intros from his home in Arizona.

Pardo was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame in 2010, for his work on shows like "SNL," "The Price Is Right," "Jeopardy," as well as "NBC Nightly News" and the network's coverage of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

After launching his broadcasting career at a small radio station in Providence, R.I., Pardo began his six-decade tenure as a staff announcer at NBC in New York City in 1944.

He was an announcer for radio shows such as "Front Page Farrell" and "Pepper Young's Family" before moving into the new medium of television, where he was an announcer for shows ranging from "Caesar's Hour" and "The Kate Smith Evening Hour" to the original versions of "The Price is Right" and "Jeopardy!"

On Nov. 22, 1963, it was Pardo who delivered the audio news bulletin to NBC TV viewers, first locally in New York and then nationally, that President Kennedy had been shot in downtown Dallas.

Lorne Michaels, "SNL's" creator and executive producer, has said that he originally chose Pardo to announce the youthfully irreverent comedy show because he "was very much an announcer" and he wanted "that authority voice."

In the process, the already well-known announcer became something of a celebrity himself, appearing occasionally on screen, including joining musical guest Frank Zappa on the song "I'm the Slime" in 1976.

Pardo, whose career included countless commercial voiceovers, also made a cameo appearance in the Weird Al Yankovic music video for his 1984 song "I Lost on Jeopardy," and he had a bit part as the "Guess That Tune" host in Woody Allen's 1987 movie comedy "Radio Days."
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